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29th July, 2019

Circus Entertainment For ANY Event

Circus entertainment is similar to any event or party around the world. It comes in all shapes and sizes and the style of circus entertainment you should book is dependent on that key fact. What circus options are available? We go into a few of the most popular performances in this blog post. Grab a tea, sit back and enjoy!



Aerial hoop and aerial silk are some of the most popular options for the spectacular at any event. Not only can the performers impress as guests walk around them and converse, but they also look spectacular in both photo and video. Added to that, there is nothing more impressive than watching an aerial artist in action. From the strength to the grace, their ambient performances are nothing short of jaw-dropping whilst if you book a headline performance? Prepare for awe to sweep the room. An awesome choice for any event.


A juggler is one of the cheapest circus options available and you really do get an absolute bargain when you book a juggler. Not only can they impress by juggling five, six, who knows how many props at once, but they can also roam! This means that every single person in the room can get a short, personalised performance that adds to the uniqueness of your party. Guaranteed to entertain and also available for headline shows, we highly recommend a good juggler for your event; why not book Jay Rawlings, a man who impressed on BGT?


We covered acrobats in aerial. Or did we? Believe it or not, acrobats can also roam about your event and impress a whole host of guests, getting them involved in some exciting poses! The troupe we are thinking about here is Acro-chaps, a hilarious vintage-style trio of ‘gentlemen acrobats’ that are guaranteed to both impress you and leave you breathless with laughter at your event. A whole heap of fun for all.


Lucas - Circus Entertainer

Why merely watch circus performers when you could learn from them as well? Circus star Lucas has been performing since he was a child and loves passing on the knowledge to others! From juggling to unicycling and more, Lucas has entertained children up and down the country for years (and between you and us, the adults love to learn as well!) A consummate entertainer, booking a circus workshop includes a full show for the kids alongside the interactive fun.


It’s hard to know quite how to explain contortion. Is it a headline act or a roaming one? The truth is that contortion is both! A hugely versatile form of circus entertainment, contortionists can offer a display that utilises a stage or perform on the floor of your venue amongst guests. Able to bend into seemingly impossible shapes and positions, our contortionists are a huge draw for crowds and are hugely popular with photographers for sharing on social media so get that party hashtag ready!

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