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12th June, 2019

5 New Acts for the Summer

5 new acts for the summer? You better believe it! Trevor George love nothing more than discovering new entertainment acts to make your party sing! In this blog we have compiled the five newest acts to the website. We think you will love them and remember, they are available for your parties throughout June, July and August.

Courtier Music

Courtier Music - 5 New Acts for Summer

Courtier Music is a function band that excels thanks to the smooth vocals of Idreiss. A hugely talented solo singer, he has put together a great function band that are perfect for corporate events, private functions and weddings. The band play all the classic hits alongside modern pop and even some garage for fans of nineties nostalgia. Accompanied by their top photos and effortless video, we think they have the repertoire to impress. One of our favourite new acts for the summer.

Changing Melody

Changing Melody

If you are on the hunt for some background music, Changing Melody is an acoustic duo that can definitely do the job. Featuring guitar and vocals, they have a raft of great songs to sing on your special day. Whether you are wanting something to fit the mood or add to the ambience, Changing Melody are an excellent option for your event.

Rose Hostesses

Rose Hostesses - 5 New Acts for Summer

There is nothing that speak of summer more than the flowers coming out to bloom. Chelsea Flower Show may be in the past but with the Rose Hostesses, there is still a lot to enjoy. A unique act that can meet and greet your guests, they offer fab photo opportunities. Truly imaginative, you will definitely want the Rose Hostesses to be on the door as you welcome guests to your venue.

Herringbone Cocktail Club

Herringbone Cocktail Club - 5 New Acts for Summer

Bringing the function band into the 21st century, Herringbone Cocktail Club is a group with no wires. Using wireless technology, the band are fully amplified and can perform on stage or in the round. Guests are able to pick the medleys they play and we strongly recommend watching the videos on their page. They are really something else! A vibrant cocktail for your summer soirée.

The Marsh Trio

Marsh Trio - 5 New Acts for Summer

The Marsh Trio is a three-piece band that play a vast repertoire of songs to ensure that every person is well covered at your event. With fans both young and old, there is something for everyone as they run through hits from the sixties to the present day. Featuring guitar, vocals and percussion, this is a band that really have it all.

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