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Herringbone Cocktail Club

A roaming function band that provide amplification thanks to wireless technology.


Herringbone Cocktail Club are an exceptional offering that not only provide the punch of an amplified function band but can do it all whilst roaming about a venue and mingling with guests on the dance floor.

Performing a variety of medleys and classic songs that are sure to have people of all ages rushing to put on their dancing shoes, Herringbone Cocktail Club perform wirelessly – meaning there are no cables to worry about – and are guaranteed to put on a stunning performance no matter where they play.

Smartly attired and featuring charismatic performers, this is a function band that can play a set from a stage or entirely on the move. Herringbone Cocktail Club are an exceptional group and one that we highly recommend for corporate event, private parties and weddings.

For a PDF showcasing exactly how the band work at events, please click here.

Video Samples