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4th February, 2020

Valentine’s Day Entertainment

It is less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day and it has been a wonderful start to the year! Not only have we added a few new acts to our website including the incredible Edible Balloons and Edible Mist Orbs, but we also find ourselves looking ahead to the future and the wonderful options available to book for the Most Romantic Day of the Year (Trademarked). Without further ado, here are some of our top romantic entertainment acts for your event.



The harp is an instrument that transfixes all who hear it played An elegant offering that brings joy and love to any wedding, we have a number of harpists available for events and they can offer classical songs or popular tunes at the client’s request. A beautiful option to book on Valentine’s Day this year.

Love Belles

Love Belles

If your party theme is fairly loose but you still want to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, the Love Belles are sure to stop people in their tracks! Stilt walkers that appear in bell-shaped dresses adorned with love hearts, they can sprinkle romance from above at your event. Perfect for photos, they are guaranteed to make people smile!



Ballet is often associated with romance and it doesn’t get much more beautiful than ballet performers lit up with LEDs. Sit back, turn down the lights and enjoy a spellbinding show from Fireflies, classically trained dancers that will capture the mood of Valentine’s Day in mesmerising fashion. Stunning!

Rose Globe

The Rose Globe is a Valentine’s Day themed snow globe. A pair of acrobats perform a breathtakingly graceful circus routine from inside the inflated globe as a swirl of red and white petals fall all around them. Picturesque and hugely memorable, the performers also wear themed costumes to add to the occasion.


Lovestruck is a giant, illuminated heart-shaped ring that can be used to showcase the act of your choice. From aerial to burlesque, hand balance to vocalists; this free-standing structure makes the perfect backdrop for an attention grabbing performance. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or maybe even a Moulin Rouge theme!

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