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21st January, 2020

Types of Magic for an Event

When it comes to booking magic for an event, there are many different options to choose from. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite as easy as just ‘booking a magician’ because there are many different types of magic that may or may not fit with the style of your event. With this in mind, we thought it might be useful for us to run through your options!

Strolling Magician

A strolling magician is the most popular of magic at events. Performing for small pockets of people at a time, the magician delivers close-up magic that astonishes guests. After wowing one crowd for five to ten minutes, they then move on to another group and so on, always delivering memorable and amazing magic wherever they go. It’s great fun, can be customisable with a company’s logo and is sure to impress.

Stage Magician

A stage magician is the perfect option when you are looking for entertainment to me the focal point of your event. We all remember where we were when we saw entertainment that amazed us and an act at a party or event can have the exact same effect! A stage magic set can be created bespoke depending on what the client may be looking for and can also be interactive; CEOs love to get involved! A fun way to capture the mood at an event.

Themed Magician

A themed magician is almost always strolling. What is a themed magician? Simply put, they are a magician that has been themed to the event being held. For example, if there is a Star Wars party, they may be dressed a Jedi. If it is a Harry Potter themed party, they may ‘play’ Snape or Voldemort. If you are looking for immersion at your event, it is a good idea to book all entertainment to perform in costumes. It costs more but adds to the astonishment!

Strolling Mentalism

Similar to a strolling magician, a strolling mentalist is often referred to as a ‘mind reader’ despite the fact they will almost always clarify that they are not psychic and it is all a trick. It’s still incredible to see what they do! A strolling mentalist performs for small groups of guests at a time and will be able to predict anything from the card you will select to an image that you have literally just drawn. Always spectacular.

Stage Mentalism

If you are looking to book a stage mentalist then we highly recommend booking Derren Brown. We are thinking that 2020 will be the year where he makes his mark! Although we are joking, a stage mentalist is probably what you are looking to book if you are a fan of Derren Brown’s and we believe Alex Crow offers the perfect show that is guaranteed to amaze. We guarantee that guests will have no idea how he manages the feats that he does.

Digital Magician

A digital magician is like a strolling magician except using iPads and smart phones to impress. These tricks tend to take place using not just the magician’s phone but the guests’ as well. From predicting a word that you searched on Wikipedia to somehow knowing that you would pick a certain song on YouTube, digital magicians are an incredible addition to the magic world. They must be seen to be believed and we think you will love them.

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