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29th October, 2019

Snow Themed Entertainment Ideas

Snow themed entertainment ideas! Yes, it’s almost November, which means it’s close to December and that of course means that snow will soon be on its way and who doesn’t like to theme their event or party around the seasonal weather? Snow is beautiful when falling and as a result has inspired some rather lovely entertainment ideas. Here are five fabulous options.

Snow Globe

The Snow Globe is as beautiful as snow themed entertainment gets! What could be prettier than having two elegant acrobats perform amidst a flurry of snowflakes inside a spectacular inflatable snow globe? This spectacular circus option always wows the crowd and makes for gorgeous photographs.

Ice Blizzard

Ice Blizzard

An Ice Blizzard is an incredible skiing experience that is sure to entertain. Guests don ski masks and take over some motion-sensitive video controls. The result is a hugely enjoyable ski race down the slopes, made all the more difficult with the snowflakes being flurried into your face as you descend! For those looking for something slightly different when it comes to snow themed entertainment, the Ice Blizzard could be what you require.

Snow Sphere

The Snow Sphere is a magical act that will amaze your guests, the Snow Queen sits inside her globe and will glide among guests to ensure that she sprinkles good fortune on all who see her. An interactive piece of entertainment, children and adults alike are encouraged to press the red button at the front of the display to fill the Snow Queen’s home with thousands of authentic-looking snowflakes. A lovely option.

Swan Lake Ballet

There is nothing quite like a Christmas-themed performance and by booking ballerinas for your snow party, everybody is sure to be drawn in! Swan Lake is a classic festive ballet for all ages and will certainly entertain. Though for corporate events a full performance may not be possible, it is always a guaranteed hit!

Christmas Light Acrobats

Christmas Light Acrobats

Christmas Light Acrobats will enhance your festive party by bringing a Winter Wonderland of festive feeling to your event. Whether you book our wonderland acrobatic dancers or cheeky acrobatic elves, the lights will shine brightly over your event with images of icicles, snowflakes, baubles and presents swirling around the performers to provide a truly spectacular sparkling display. Snow themed entertainment at its best!

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