15th May, 2018

New Act Tuesdays – Music, Dance and Vintage Magic

Why does it always have to be New Act Mondays? Why not New Act Tuesdays instead? Exactly! Because of our write-up of the fabulous event at the National Venue Awards yesterday, we’ve moved the introduction of a few new entertainment acts to Tuesday instead. Not a problem, it just means that you get to enjoy more entertainment for longer! So what do we have in store for you this week? Only the finest entertainment acts on the market.

The Sinking of the Good Ship Rosa

What do you get if you take two Scottish men, pop them in Cornwall and give them a nautical-themed band name? The Sinking of the Good Ship Rosa of course! A superb acoustic duo, Arron and Craig came together over a share love of all things Americana. Having achieved rave reviews and commendations from the likes of Zane Lowe and the BBC, if you’re looking for exciting music in the south west, The Sinking of the Good Ship Rosa is the act for you.


If you love Frobacks then you’ll also love Pro-Motion, a dance concept that combines body popping with futuristic choreography and street dance. Their moves have lit up the Baku European Games Ceremony as well as the Olivier Awards broadcast on ITV. With a strong reputation and having already impressed on the global dance scene, Pro-Motion are a must for your next party!


If you’re looking to book Daniel Craig, The Queen and Gordon Ramsay for your next event, the costs involved would probably run into the millions. Thankfully, there is a cheaper option to ensure the great and good are spotted rubbing shoulders with your friends and family; by booking lookalikes! Perfect for meet and greet as well as posing with guests, lookalikes are great fun and sure to add a bit of glamour to your event.

Norvil & Josephine

If you think about the golden era of magic, you’ll probably thinking of something similar to the fabulous comedic magic act, Norvil & Josephine. A hilarious and fun take on the stage magic show, you’ll see fascinating illusions, immaculate facial hair and even some acrobatics as well! An amazing production that can count The Magic Circle among its clients, Norvil & Josephine is perfect for events where you need a spellbinding headline act.

For more information on any of the acts mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.