4th September, 2017

New Act Mondays: All Aglow, Going Solo, Saxophone and Piano

The weekend is over, Friday is a distant memory and we have to admit, we’ve got a serious case of the Mondays. Thankfully here at Trevor George, ‘a serious case of the Mondays’ is less about glumly sifting through emails clutching an overpriced coffee, and more about finding great new acts to share on our website.

This week we’ve added three outstanding new acts who we think would go down a storm at events of all shapes and sizes; from beautiful background music, to multi-tasking circus skills, to glow-juggling mayhem. Want to know more? Read on…


Halo Glow Show bring combines juggling, hula-hooping and state-of-the-art LED technology to create a dazzling show that’s already made them firm favourites at our sister agency Sternberg Clarke. In fact, they once booked Halo for a high profile event in the centre of London at which Boris Johnson was rumoured to be on the guest list. In the end, he never turned up, so it was a BoJo no show for Soho glow show… Also that never happened.


Counting the disparate skills of juggling, comedy cycling, ladder walking and balloon modelling among his many talents, Solo Circus star Mark prides himself on his versatility. Such is his love of the circus, he also runs workshops where he can pass on his passion to eager event-goers. Ever wanted to ride a unicycle while juggling a set of kitchen knives? Well chances are you’re not going to master it in one evening, but with Mark you could at least make a start.


Like a buddy cop movie that pairs a complete loose cannon with a by-the-numbers family man, background music duo, ETTA features the straight-laced clean cut piano with the stubbled, wild-eyed maverick of the music world; the saxophone. Sure, they have their differences to begin with, but they slowly come to respect each others quirks and eccentricities, and by the end of the film they realise that they need each other if they’re going to take down this drug cartel. It’s like that but with background music.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to follow us on Twitter for more great entertainment ideas.

Happy Monday!