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8th May, 2019

Nee-On @ Chester Race Course

No sooner did we have one Nee-On booking than they were booked once again! We visited Chester Race Course to watch the dance troupe rehearse and here are some very special photos and a video!

With Nee-On, LED lights are what it is all about. The dancing from the group is all choreographed and rehearsed again and again, but without total darkness the act would not work. With the individual dancers appearing and vanishing seemingly at random, the effect is hugely entertaining and magical. It is no wonder that they have been so popular at events this year.

Nee-On at Chester Race Course

Our client wanted to book the act for an awards ceremony at Chester Race Course. We required a stage for the full effect and were happy that the venue was so accommodating! It really made the performance even better and when event suppliers see eye to eye, it just goes to show how effective everything can be.

Nee-On at Chester Race Course

We hope that the photos do a good job of showcasing Nee-On in all their glory. Although you can only see one or two people in a photo, remember all members are on stage at once. The video does a great job of showing the act in action but is even better live.

Performing for six minutes alongside a flash mob (where the dancers roamed with guests before hand), it was incredible. The five dancers of Nee-On were a superb choice to open the awards show and provide something different for our corporate client.

We loved the dance in Bristol and think that the performance in Chester was just as good, if not better! Where next for this unique dance troupe?

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