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10th March, 2020

Mother’s Day Entertainment Ideas

Or as my Mum would prefer me to title this blog, Mothering Sunday Entertainment Ideas (hi, mum!) The big day itself is just a few Sundays away – Sunday, March 22nd to be precise – and considering we just reminded you that it’s getting close, there is no excuse not to show your mum the appreciation that she deserves when Mother’s Day arrives. There’s nothing wrong at all with getting out there in the morning and cutting your mum a wonderful set of daffodils or crafting a handmade card, but if you want to really wow your mum, check out our Mother’s Day ideas! Step one of course, is take her to a hotel and then take your pick from this selection of wonderful musical acts.


If there’s anything that sounds more beautiful than the harp then we want to know about it! Okay, maybe the kora (a similar instrument from Africa), but let’s be honest, the harp is a stunning instrument to listen to live. There’s a reason it’s what the angels play in Heaven. Mother’s Day needn’t be a tricky proposition when you have one of our wonderful harpists playing to you whilst you eat cakes and sip tea.


Perhaps slightly more common than a harpist, a pianist is still a wonderful Mother’s Day idea. To make it that bit more special, you could always learn the piano yourself (maybe that piece that you could never quite manage when you were six years old?), but rather than hearing you struggle through a short recital, your mother might prefer to hear a professional playing from an extensive repertoire. Be it classical piano or smooth jazz, there’s nothing quite like hiring a pianist for Mother’s Day.


You might think that this is very similar to the paragraph above but there is a reason nobody ever asked Mozart or Beethoven to sing along to their compositions. Maybe somewhere there are some discarded lyrics to one of their symphonies, but let’s hope not. A singer-pianist is perfect for the mum who likes to play their radio loud when in the car or for a parent who just fancies an atmosphere that’s a little more lively. Billy Joel, Elton John, they’ll all get an airing!


Upon finishing afternoon tea at the Ritz or Savoy, you might want to complete your Sunday by seeing what’s on in the West End on Mother’s Day. To get your mum all excited for that extra outing, you wish to lay on a little opera (especially if it’s Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera that you’ve nabbed tickets to go and see). Perfect for the mother who indulges in high end entertainment. Obviously if opera isn’t her thing, you could always look at booking a vocalist instead.


Why does it all have to be musical entertainment for Mother’s Day? Good point. It doesn’t! How about booking a magician to run through a few card and coin tricks before finishing their routing with a flourish and making a present come from nowhere? This could work hand in hand with the above idea, though you could always substitute tickets to a West End show for jewellery or even a photo of yourself and your siblings recreating a classic kids photo from years gone by.

Aww! Right, that’s enough Mother’s Day entertainment ideas from us. Get planning!