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23rd July, 2019

Why Magic is Great for Events

Why is magic great for events? When someone suggests a magician for an event, you might conjure up images of Arrested Development or a cheesy magician from the eighties. Perhaps even a children’s magician who will produce an incomplete colouring book at a corporate event, waving a literal magic wand and suddenly start showcasing the pages full of colour. That’s magic, right? Well yes and no. That is technically magic but when we talk about hiring magicians for corporate events, we mean something a lot more cool and a lot more enjoyable. So here is our blog on why magic is great for events and parties.

Ice Breakers

When people arrive for a corporate event, it’s fair to say that even if they’re from the same company, they might not know anybody there. As such, a magician is a brilliant way to break the ice, encouraging others to form a group around where the trick is performed and ensuring that people can talk after being introduced. As the magician moves on to another group, these two, three or even four people can chat about the miracle they’ve just witnessed! Magicians are great for breaking the ice at parties and events and best of all, getting people talking!

Social Media

A great trick is sure to amaze and to that end, magicians are very likely to have their performance shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that guests in attendance can share the magic with their friends online. This is brilliant for any corporate client because it means that not only is their event being shared but their company brand and logo might feature in the background of a photo or video, whilst they get the added benefit of looking like a fun company to work for who reward their employees with fantastic evenings out! How’s that for free advertising and PR?

A Sense of Fun

If you’ve ever attended a networking event for your company, you’ll know that generally speaking the best bit about the day is heading for the exit door. Sure, you might get a free drink and a biscuit but for much of the proceedings, you’re sitting down and watching a man or woman drone on about something apparently to do with your business and every hour or two, swapping business cards with somebody who seems nice enough. No! Events don’t have to be like this – we are all adults, we all enjoy having fun! With this in mind, booking a magician is a great choice to keep things loose and ensuring that morale stays up throughout the day.

It isn’t just magic…

When you book a magician for an event, you might be thinking only of card and coin tricks. Not so! We want you to think even further than that – magicians aren’t just able to pull of some incredible sleights of hand but are also able to provide some astonishing feats of mentalism as well. Think the most amazing tricks by Derren Brown! Combining familiar card tricks with displays of mind reading really does stun guests and are another great reason for having magic in attendance.

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