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8th October, 2019

How Scary Should Halloween Entertainment Be?

How scary should Halloween entertainment be? The age old question. Obviously people expect to be scared at Halloween parties but is there such a thing as too much?

‘Tis the season to be frightful (if that’s a phrase) and many people will be holding a Halloween party this weekend. But just how many scares should you be expecting? Is there such a thing as too many creepy surprises or should a host keep them coming to ensure that by the time the party concludes, everybody is trembling to get out of the event venue?

The first thing that we should say is do not worry (ha!) as the beauty of hiring Halloween entertainment is that you know exactly what you’re getting; your guests will be scared but you won’t be. In addition to this, you can tailor the entertainment that you book to their sensibilities. If there are a fair number of scaredy cats in the group, it’s best to keep it simple!

With this in mind, we’d simply advise that a bit of set decoration, Halloween makeup and costumes are the way to go. Nothing too fancy, just a good old themed party for you and your friends. You could book a balloon artist to offer up some fun green and black zombie style balloon designs that you could wear and we’re confident that everybody would have an amazing time.

If you’re thinking about booking live music for your bash on October 31st, most bands and DJs are more than willing to dress up for the occasion as our title image shows. From werewolves to gruesome ghouls, they are sure to impress (and hopefully scare you just a little bit as well.)

However, if you’re looking for truly terrifying chills, we highly recommend booking a more dedicated Halloween act like Malik to send shivers down your spine. He is an immensely talented performer and mime artist who can create a variety of characters for your event and will live long in the memory. He’s great for a photo opportunity or two as well!

But as we asked in the opening paragraph, how scary should it all be? Well from our experience, if people are too scared by your macabre antics then they might not enjoy themselves at all and that would be terrible. You want just enough scared to provide a thrill but not enough to have your guests heading home before it’s even dark. That’s not to say you can’t hire something horrifically spooky either; just be sure to balance it out with something a little more silly as well. You don’t want everything looking like it came from American Horror Story… It’s fine to throw in a bit of Casper the friendly ghost as well. What works in events is similar to what works on film; you’ll enjoy the spooks and scares more if they’re balanced out with a few laughs as well.

That being said, we will always always always recommend Baron von Grindle, a vampire who hangs upside down from your ceiling, sleeping like a bat until your guests walk past. Now that is an excellent act!