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27th June, 2019

Festival Entertainment for a Summer Party

Glastonbury kicks off today and for all of us who aren’t going (boo!) we thought we would out together a list of acts that might be able to create the festival atmosphere a little closer to home. Naturally nothing will be able to touch Pilton Farm and its incredible variety of acts, but a number of our performers do actually showcase their abilities at Glastonbury so you might be able to get a bit closer to the festival spirit than you might think.

Stilt Walkers

Stilts pop-up

The first entertainment idea on our list is also perhaps the most obvious. Stilt walkers are to be found at pretty much every festival around the UK. Their unique combination of height and colour makes them visible from hundreds of metres away whilst their often rather vibrant costuming allows for some truly great selfies.

Light Painters

As the sun sets on your event, it might be time to unleash the Light Painters. An interactive form of photo booth, light painting allows guests to pick up specialised LED wands. Through the wonders of timelapse photography, those involved are then able to create stunning works of art as seen in the photo above. Not bad!


One of the only acts on our website that requires a huge amount of outdoor space, Steamhorse are guaranteed to draw a crowd. The UK’s premier stunt horse team, you can expect numerous tricks from the handlers and the horses as they show off their hugely impressive abilities. A must watch for all the family.


What is a festival experience without a drink or two? Our mixologists will not only pour you a drink but they’ll provide a bit of bar flair as they do so. From flipping a glass in one hand to shaking with the other, there is nothing they cannot recreate on demand. Perfect for quenching your thirst in the sun and perhaps the only time that going to a bar at a festival won’t be seen as a chore!

Fee Fee and the Sentiments

The perfect band for an early afternoon set at you event, Fee Fee and the Sentiments deliver good vibes and great tunes. As can be seen from the photo, they will fit in perfectly when performing outdoors and with two of their members on vocals, you can expect perfect harmonies in the sun. A wonderful addition to your event.


Afishal - LED Percussion

With the sun slowly going down on your festival event, it might be time to bring out an act that people will enjoy but not immediately think about when first being offered up a musical performance. Afishal is an LED percussionist that will pulsate from the stage with extraordinary beats and astonishing rhythms. Highly recommended for a spectacular light show.

The Tzars

Superb entertainers with over a decade of experience, The Tzars are pop perfection! With a tightly choreographed and energetic stage show, the group are anything but formulaic, encouraging attendees to sing along and get involved to create a true party atmosphere that wouldn’t be out of place on the Pyramid Stage. A superb festival band.

For  more information on booking any of the acts mentioned above or if you have any ideas of your own for festival entertainment then please do get in touch using the contact details below.