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19th November, 2019

Entertainment @ MYTAs 2019, Manchester

Entertainment at MYTAs 2019 in Manchester. What could be better? We absolutely love booking entertainment for events and not only that, we also love sponsoring the events as well! Last Thursday we were more than happy to be sponsoring Hospitality Team of the Year at the Manchester Young Talent Awards 2019 and even got to present the award as well! And not only that for we were also tasked with booking some great entertainment for the occasion at The Midland Hotel, Manchester. Here’s how the night went down.

As guests arrived and took their seats, they were probably expecting the ceremony to begin. And it did…sort of. You see what the attendees didn’t know was that we had laid on an extra special performance from Twisted Tubes to kick off the proceedings. With their unusual instrumental set up (saxophone, trumpet, trombone, sousaphone and percussion), they present an exciting and interesting music entertainment option for any event and delivered the hits for all to enjoy! It was a tremendous and hugely effective way to kick off the awards show.

Twisted Tubes at MYTAs 19 Twisted Tubes at MYTAs 19

When it came to handing out the MYTAs, there were a multitude of guest presenters including Trevor George Entertainment’s own Beckie! Yes, she was lucky enough to be presenting the award that we were sponsoring, Hospitality Team of the Year. As you can see from the photos it was a truly sparkling affair as Beckie duly handed the award to the Female Hospitality Network. Well done all!

Beckie presenting an award at MYTAs 19 Beckie presenting an award at MYTAs 19 Beckie presenting an award at MYTAs 19

After the awards were all handed out and the ceremony was complete, it was time to truly party hard! What had we laid on? Only the always wonderful DJ Hattie! Performing behind a booth that reminded everybody just where they were as the drink began to flow in ever increasing volumes, she was laying down hit after hit that everybody could dance to and enjoy.

Hattie at MYTAs 19

All in all, it was a fabulous evening of entertainment, awards and fun at the Midland Hotel in Manchester and we cannot wait to return. Well done to all winners of this year’s MYTAs, it was a lovely awards night and we can’t wait for next year. Our huge thanks must go to JCI Manchester for laying on such a wonderful event and empowering young people across the city.