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6th August, 2019

Creating a Bespoke Act for an Event

As top entertainment suppliers across the UK, we are often contacted to provide magic, music, dance and more for your event. Sometime though, a client wants something extra special, something that doesn’t even exist yet. We have no problem helping to create an act or put on a show, so here is our advice to take you through the process!

  1. Book a Venue

It may seem strange that we are saying ‘book a venue’ when we are in the habit of booking entertainment, but everything gets a lot easier when we are all working from the same page and when it comes to events, the same page essentially means knowing where a performance will take place. Before offering aerial entertainment, we need to know that the venue can take it; before putting together the loudest act in the world, we need to know if there’s a sound limiter at the event. So although you don’t need to book a venue, having an idea of where the entertainment will be taking place definitely helps.

  1. Theme

Once we know where the event is taking place, it’s then good to know whether or not there is a theme. Companies booking corporate parties often love for there to be a theme from the classic (‘Alice in Wonderland’) to the slightly more broad (‘Spectacular Sparkle’). Whatever the event theme is, it’s always good to have it on file when creating a bespoke entertainment act for your event because we want the act to fit in perfectly. That being said, if you want it to really wow the crowd, you will have to think outside the box.

  1. Budget

The budget is always important when it comes to creating entertainment for an event. How much money do you have to impress? Generally speaking, bespoke acts are more expensive than booking ‘off the shelf’ simply because of the costumes that may need to be made, the rehearsal time for the performers and travel and overnight costs as well. So bear all of this in mind when looking to create an act. Added to this, who might the performance involve? If it’s a star name, the budget will have to be high!

  1. Creating the Act

Now we’ve sorted out the venue, theme and budget, it’s time to have some fun and figure out exactly what you want your bespoke act to look like. What do you want the performance to achieve? Are you looking to combine a circus act with a string quartet? Perhaps you want to invent a new sport like Segway jousting for a medieval themed event? Maybe you are looking at actually creating a new VR game to go with the launch of your new product. Whatever it may be, actually creating the bespoke entertainment is a whole lot of fun and we can help offer advice if you are stuck. After all, it’s what we do!

  1. Costumes

Once the act has been selected and you are one hundred percent behind the idea of a dancing clown who will sing Nessun Dorma whilst galloping through your venue on a ‘real unicorn’ before jumping through a hoop that is on fire causing fireworks to go off (phew!), it’s time to assemble the costumes. Not only will the clown need to be dressed to fit your ‘English Tea Party’ theme but the horse that is to be transformed into a unicorn will need to acquire its horn as well. At this point it’s important to consider whether you would like your company logo to feature too; these days it’s even possible for acts to wear LEDs that change as the performance progresses.

  1. Enjoy

We got there in the end! Yes, the final part of creating a bespoke act for an event is being able to sit back and enjoy it when the day of the event arrives. You can watch and admire like everybody else except you also get to look on at the performance think, ‘Yes, I created this!’

If you are looking to create a bespoke act for an event, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.