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16th January, 2020

Chinese New Year and Burns Night Entertainment

Chinese New Year and Burns Night occur on the same day this year, so we thought we would provide a joint blog to celebrate. It is a very rare occurrence that two vastly different cultural celebration are celebrated on the same day so without further ado, here are our Chinese New Year and Burns Night entertainment ideas.

Dragon Dance

A dragon dance is an ancient Chinese tradition that dates back to 206 AD under the Han Dynasty. Said to ward off evil spirits, it used to be used to worship ancestors and pray for rain. In modern times, a dragon dance is ordinarily performed for entertainment purposes only but can still be an impressive affair; as many as fifty people can dance with the dragon, each performer holding a pole so that when moving in unison the dragon appears to dance in time to a drum. A truly impressive spectacle.

Whisky Tasting

For those who want to learn more about whisky (the Irish add the ‘e’ whereas the Scottish leave it off), we can provide a whisky expert who will be more than happy to run through a few Scotches, helping each guest learn a little more about what they may be drinking. One of the only entertainment offerings available that guarantees everybody involved will leave feeling merry, this is naturally very informative and also great fun. A welcome addition to any Burns supper.

Lion Dance

If you don’t think that you have room for all fifty people performing a dragon dance, a traditional lion dance is almost certainly the next best thing. Seen at many Chinese New Year celebrations, they are ordinarily by just two people in costume and were traditionally performed to bring good luck and fortune to all. As with the dragon dance, it is ordinarily performed these days as a form of entertainment and we guarantee you’ll love the vibrant nature of the act.


What Burns supper would be complete without a little bagpipes? There is perhaps no form of Scottish entertainment more famous than the bagpipes and our performers will come in full regalia including that most Scottish of traditions – the kilt (just promise us that you won’t look beneath it!) Playing a variety of classic Celtic tunes, the bagpiper is sure to bring a taste of Scotland to your event.

Zhezhi Artist

The art of paper folding in China is known as Zhezhi and focuses less on the birds and flowers traditionally seen in Origami – the Japanese name most associated with paper folding in the West – and more on using paper to create small boats and hats. Whether you call it Zhezhi or Origami, it is a truly elegant way to celebrate at your event. From booking a professional to impress with their paper folding skill to perhaps running a workshop, there are multiple ways that Zhezhi can be incorporated into your celebration.

Celtic Chords


What better way to end festivities at your Burns Night than by having a Ceilidh? A traditional form of Scottish dance than can often be enjoyed at weddings around the country, bands tend to feature instruments including a fiddle and an accordion as well as a caller whom walks everybody through each and every dance. Tiring but a whole lot of fun, a Ceilidh guarantees that everyone will get involved in the evening’s entertainment.

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