26th October, 2018

Background Entertainment Options for your Event

Background entertainment is a bit of an oxymoron. Isn’t all entertainment meant to entertain? Surely that means that you want it to be front and centre, for all to enjoy? Surprisingly the answer is no and that’s primarily because of background entertainment, which is perfect for providing the ambience of an event. What constitutes background entertainment? Here are a few of the most commonly requested options for an event.


There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of a solo harp. There’s a reason that its elegance features in so many biblical and religious scenes. Easy to listen to, booking a harp is an excellent choice for weddings, corporate events and private parties. Ideally suited to welcoming guests to a venue, it is the pinnacle of background entertainment.


Whenever someone thinks of saxophone music, they automatically turn their thoughts to¬†that bit from Baker Street. But that isn’t all the saxophone can play. It makes for a fabulous addition to events where a bit of jazz helps create a mood that only live music can.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar focuses on a guitarist playing classical tunes rather than the pop classics guests might expect. Beautiful and elegant, a good classical guitarist can enchant the room with their melodies and rhythms and are able to pick the songs that perfectly encapsulate what the special occasion is all about. Highly recommended.


A little different to the other forms of entertainment in this list, booking a magician as background entertainment ensures that everybody has a good time. Strolling around your venue and performing to small pockets of guests at a time, a magician is all about ensuring guests have a good time in a subtle way!

String Quartet

A string quartet can play a variety of tunes. From film scores to classical numbers and pop hits, a good sting quartet normally play three sets and add a bit of atmosphere to proceedings. If there is a certain song that the client requires, the four musicians will often learn it specially for the event!

There are many different types of background entertainment and we are just scratching the surface in this blog. If you would like to book a musician or magician for your event then please do get in touch using the links below to see how we can help you.