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18th March, 2020

5 Entertainment Ideas for a Pandemic

It’s time to be sensible and realistic during these concerning times with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. There should be no events taking place that risk endangering others but there is no need to stop having fun from home! With this in mind, here are 5 entertainment ideas for a pandemic. No, we never thought that we would write that sentence.

Learn to Dance

Since you cannot book dancers to perform for you, this is the next best thing! If you have a bit of living room space, there is no better time to learn to dance. Since we are all set to be kept inside over the next few weeks, learning to dance is an excellent option to keep you fit and healthy. Whether you would like to learn street dance or something timeless like the Charleston, there are numerous YouTube videos that will be able to help.

Play Guitar Hero and Rock Band

If you play an instrument then now is the time to get playing! If you don’t, it’s time to dust off some classic video game accessories and get playing. Whether you used to love SingStar and have only just been reminded of its existence, or perhaps have been inkling to have yet another go at Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce (what an achievement!), this is the perfect time.

Play Pandemic

There have been a number of stories about people watching 2011’s Contagion on iTunes but if you really want to become embroiled in your own version of the Pandemic story, then why not play Pandemic? A hugely popular board game, players race around the board to eliminate the viruses before they can spread. If you really want an immersive experience, why not try Pandemic Legacy Season 1? This is a version of the board game that changes every time you play and takes you through a whole year of combatting the virus.

Learn a Magic Trick

There are some fabulous online videos out there that can teach you magic tricks! When we audition magicians, we love seeing the magic tricks they perform and in truth, some are available to learn free of charge on YouTube. Notable closeup magicians like Jay Sankey offer numerous free videos for budding magicians to learn. Just make sure that you don’t tell friends and family how do you do them (and be sure to keep your distance as best you can whilst performing!)

Writing Comedy

Many of us think that we are funny but far too few of us actually give comedy a go. During some downtime during the pandemic, this might be just the time to have a go at making some people laugh. We could all do with some cheering up! Whether you would like to try stand up comedy or see yourself writing short sketches – which you could also film – we would love to see your efforts!

Want to get your entertainment ideas out there? Why not film them and upload them to YouTube, try live streaming on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or produce short snippets of entertainment on TikTok? Stay safe and we cannot wait to start book entertainment for you all again soon.