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3rd November, 2016

5 Circus acts that can work anywhere

Ah the circus, as reliable as event entertainment gets, for sure. But many event planners are discouraged by the logistical burden of circus performances at their events. Don’t you need rigging attached to the ceiling and floors? What about safety nets and crash mats?

In reality, it needn’t be as tortuously complex as all that. There are a wealth of circus entertainment options available that can work in any space, on any budget. The trick is knowing what to look for. Here we’ve outlined a handful of circus acts that can work brilliantly at any event, at any venue, read on for our picks!


Truly great circus performers can have an audience transfixed with nothing but their own strength, agility and gracefulness. Acrobalance acts are a perfect example of this, usually two people performing a routine relying only on each other for support. Displaying breathtaking poise and balance, this show always draws delighted gasps from a crowd.



Fast paced and frenetic, a hula hoop dancer is a brilliant choice for events in tight spaces as the performer is fixed to the spot, surrounded in a whirl of swirling hoops. And when we say “whirl of swirling hoops”, we’re not talking two or three, we’re talking lots.



If you’re looking to save on space, you can’t go far wrong with a person who ties themselves up into a knot and fits inside a small perspex box. These limber limbed contortion specialists are guaranteed to amaze any crowd with an act that features plenty of twists. Just don’t try it at home…



This one needs slightly more room than the contortionist, but is well worth the floorspace if you have it to spare. A skilled circus artiste performs a mesmerising display by rolling and spinning around the floor in a large metal wheel known as a Cyr Wheel or Rou Cyr. It’s a stunning sight to behold and best of all, requires minimal equipment for the performance.

This image was shot by Ian Mitchell at Yellow12 Photography. Check out the website here - www.yellow12.com


Finally something to bring the whole show together. A traditional ringmaster, in full authentic costume is the perfect master of ceremonies for your compact circus spectacular. Having someone to hype up the audience and introduce each act is a clever way of creating that electrifying circus atmosphere, without all the sawdust, straw and peanuts.


Like any of the examples above? Want to talk about some more options? (And trust us, there are plenty more options…) Why not get in touch and see what we can do!