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The Trial

Put your colleague on friend in the dock!


Are you ready for The Trial? A completely unique form of entertainment, The Trial is the perfect show for corporate events and private parties with your boss, colleague or friend facing trial! Other guests take on the role of juror and who knows, you may very well be called to defend the witness or add to the weight of evidence against the defendant.

A fully improvised comedy show with noted comedians taking on the key roles of prosecution lawyer, defence lawyer and judge, there will be plenty of laughs and a whole lot of fun! A huge hit at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this fabulous concept has seen comic talent including Marcus Brigstocke, Al Murray and Clive Anderson welcomed into the courtroom.

Guaranteed to raise a smile from all in attendance, The Trial is a superb choice for those looking for something a little different at their next event.

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A genuinely inventive, intelligent, comedy creation.

The Scotsman