Stories for Strangers

A live story writer for your event.


A story for you, written in front of your eyes, about any subject that you ask for.

Luke writes custom stories for your guests, about any subject they would like a story about, on an old typewriter, live. When each bespoke story is finished, it is read by Luke to the person who requested it, and then packaged into a golden envelope, to be taken home. The stories become beautiful little objects that people treasure.

The stories are typed using a rainbow ink ribbon that Luke has made by hand, which changes the colour of ink as the story progresses across each page.

Since 2013 Luke has written stories for strangers all over Europe and the United States. He has performed in the streets of Paris, New York, Berlin and London. He’s performed in Waterstones’ flagship store in Piccadilly, and been the support act for typewriter lover, Tom Hanks, at his book launch. Luke has published two collections of the stories that he has written around the world. He regularly performs at music and literature festivals, in-store events and at private parties.

Stories for event attendees allow guests, quite literally, to have a story about the event to take home. During an event, the story writing service is a great conversation starter, and provide long-lasting mementos long after the event is over.

Everyone has an incredible story within them, and writing live stories for people allows people to remember that. It provides a quiet, soulful activity at an event, with the real power to engage hearts. It releases a sense of play in people and ignites inspiration.