Neuron Racer

The hypnotic light game that you'll want to play again and again.


Neuron Racer is an excellent form of interactive entertainment for any event. Test your speed against a friend or colleague as the machine lights up small domes at random and you have to race to turn them off! The person who turns off the most lights in 90 seconds wins! The biggest challenge with Neuron Racer is allowing other people to have a go!

Perfect for events where interactivity is key, Neuron Racer will stand out from the crowd. It is a hypnotic game that requires total focus, commitment, speed and concentration. If you are looking for something futuristic, this is the answer. LEDs light up the playing surface throughout the game and the blues, reds and greens all help the table to stand out.

Hugely compelling fun that will delight old and young alike, it is perfect for corporate events, private parties and weddings.

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