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Leigh the Icebreaker

Part comedian, part magician, all icebreaker!


When it comes to events, it can often be hard for guests to interact with one another. Often you’ll find small groups of people all around a room and it’s difficult for guests to break the ice. Step forward Leigh the Icebreaker! Part comedian, part magician, all icebreaker. Just as adept at magic tricks as jokes, Leigh is a professional entertainer that is perfect for all ages and is sure to impress with his suave nature.

So how does it work? Quite simply, Leigh is the only person in the industry who does what he does. Blending between the guests, he brings people together to ensure that by the end of the event everybody is talking. How does he do this? Leigh the Icebreaker can memorise the name and job of every guest up to 200 people! The perfect act for conferences and networking evenings, he is able to pair up friendships, business contacts and job opportunities with ease. He can turn any event from average to awesome just by meandering through the crowd!

He really is a magician with a difference or a comedian with that little bit extra. A must book for corporate events, private parties and weddings – we all know what it is like to be by yourself at a wedding ceremony – Leigh the Ieebreaker will put your mind at ease and ensure that everybody enjoys your event as much as possible. He is not just an entertainer. He is an Icebreaker, and we guarantee that you won’t forget what he does in a hurry.

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