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La Luna Ballet

A beautiful combination of circus and dance.


A breath of fresh air in aerial circus, La Luna is an innovative and beautiful new concept in freestanding aerial performance and with La Luna Ballet, the concept is taken yet further with ballerinas dancing around the based of the aerial hoop.

In combining the grace and fluidity of classical ballet, with the power and strength of aerial hoop, a dynamic new performance has been developed. Designed and choreographed by the artist herself. Utilising her skills as both dancer and acrobat, she moves gracefully and elegantly, providing a vision of an acrobat apparently dancing in air as well as in and around the hoop. A beautiful combination of flexibility, strength and finesse that is emboldened by the stunning ballet dancers below.

The only one of it’s kind in the UK, this unique design has broken boundaries, bringing beautiful aerial performances to venues, audiences and events across the UK and Europe previously inaccessible to the aerial arts. It’s creative freestanding design means that La Luna can be performed anywhere.

The structure has a diameter of only 2m, and height options of either 3m or 4m, making it the most versatile option for corporate events and private parties. Suitable for any venue, without taking up large areas of floor space, La Luna is easy to set up and can quickly be taken down or moved during an event if required.

When clients consider the fact that the hoop rotates on its axis and requires no additional support, you really do have a truly unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful, simple design that makes the act possible.