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Giant Panda

Book a giant panda for your event and learn all about these amazing creatures.


Have you fed a Giant Panda bamboo before? Now could be your chance! Seize this opportunity to meet ChiChi and SingSing our gentle and playful pandas up close. Learn more about their lives and natural environment from our informed zoologist, and get a chance to ask questions of your own. Not everything in the life of a panda is black and white.

When you book a Giant Panda, your event is instantly transformed with smiles across the faces of all guests. Suitable for all ages, children adore stroking ChiChi and SingSing and photos are a necessity! But the Giant Panda is not just for children. Adults can enjoy learning about the animal during an event and it certainly makes for an entertaining change to the usual entertainment.

Learn about the animal’s habitat, what they eat and many more interesting facts. One of the world’s most popular animals, the Giant Panda will be a must see at your event and is suitable for all engagements.


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