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Edible Mist Orbs

Flavoured mist for your event!


Edible Mist Orbs blend food with entertainment to create something truly exciting for each and every guest. Offering mist in literally any flavour that can be imagined, we are certain that everybody who sees an Edible Mist Orb will be drawn towards it, eager to see what it is all about.

Part art-piece, part sci-fi, part food offering, there is nothing else quite like them on the market. Not only do they create a magnet around which people tend to gather, they also offer an ethereal glow in multiple different colours. Whether you opt for a red, green or blue orb is totally up to you!

And what of the flavours? When we said that you can book Edible Mist Orbs in any flavour we were not exaggerating. If you want to enjoy candy floss flavour then it is possible. Cherry pie? Absolutely. A daiquiri flavour? Of course. Often provided to parties and functions across the country, alcoholic options are possible!

A unique form of interactive entertainment that is guaranteed to excite, we love Edible Mist Orbs and think you will too. Why not book two to create contrasting flavours? Or offer them as a unique way to welcome guests. There really is nothing better than seeing curious people discover what they are and breathe in the mist through the specially provided straws. Photographs and sharing on social media is not mandatory but will almost certainly happen so have the event hashtag ready!

Available both inside and out, and with straws that are able to be recycled, this is fun in its purest form. Brands can even create their own bespoke flavour if desired! The limit is your imagination. Bringing Willy Wonka to life, we think that you and your guests will love them. So what are you waiting for?!