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Edible Collection

Costumes that are good enough to eat...


Edible Collection provides both exquisite and beautiful costumes with chocolate thrown in! If you have ever heard the phrase, “That looks good enough to eat!” then the Edible Collection is for you because guests can not only admire the costumes worn by our meet-and-greet artists but eat parts of them as well!

The Edible Collection is available in two exciting versions – the Roman and Greek inspired The Banquet and the fantastically festive Winter’s Feast. Meandering through the guests with a smile and a mysterious twinkle in the eye, the elegance is obvious and the allure inspiring. During The Banquet, the golden grapes are not fruit at all, but actually foil covered chocolates that guests can enjoy. Naturally they are offered one or two as our performers walk on by.

For the Winter’s Feast, guests can admire our magical characters who are adorned with holly, ivy and other festive decorations as well as carefully placed LEDs to light up the event wherever they go. Delicately plucking chocolates from their outfit, they pass chocolate to each guest, a free Christmas present for their enjoyment.

A stunningly original approach to accentuating an event theme, the Edible Collection is an act that all can enjoy and ensures that nobody goes hungry! A true treat for all, we highly recommend booking the artists to provide something that guests have never seen before.

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