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Edible Balloons

Willy Wonka comes to life with these tasty balloons!


Edible balloons sound like an invention you would only read about in a Roald Dahl book. Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas would have created them in secret and then amazed guests as he gave them a tour of his factory. Unlike fizzy lifting drinks though, Edible Balloons are one hundred percent real! The best bit is that you can book them for your party or event and ensure that everybody feels like a child again.

Although you might like a balloon every now and again, you may think that edible balloons sound absolutely horrible. Who wants to eat plastic? Thankfully our versions are plastic-free and able to be eaten by almost everyone (best to mention dietary requirements when booking!) Inflated right in front of your eyes, the balloon is then sealed by our helpful creator. The string is also able to be eaten as well so there is no excuse to not enjoy all of your balloon in one go.

What flavour is an edible balloon? This question comes up a lot and there isn’t actually an answer. When you book them for your event, you get to choose the flavour! If you want caramel flavour then go for that. Apple pie? Sure! Something alcoholic? Absolutely! Oysters? That would not be our choice but go right ahead. The world is your… Well you get the idea.

Proven to be a hit at parties, events and weddings across the country, we cannot wait to provide edible balloons at your event. The booth itself is able to be branded with your logo and guests absolutely love taking photos with their incredible creations. To add to the fun, the balloons themselves are filled with helium! When guests eat one, their voice also goes up an octave and ensures that hilarious squeaking effect.