Contact Jugglers

Astonishing contact juggling in remarkable costumes and even on stilts


Our contact jugglers provide an elegant and unique walkabout act. Graceful contact juggling, statuesque stilt walking and beautiful cirque-style costuming is combined to create a live performance experience booked worldwide by corporate events, street theatre festivals and exclusive private functions. Looking for high-quality circus with an unusual twist? Look no further.

Our contact jugglers are creatures from a tranquil and mysterious world bringing with them a beautifully surreal sense of suspended time and alternative physical laws. Glass balls appear suspended in mid-air, unusually tall characters freeze and move in enigmatic synchronicity, and a magical soundscape surrounds them all. Our performers can appear as either ground level crystal ball jugglers or stilt characters or both meaning that they are always for your event or party.

Our contact jugglers have to be seen to be believed but when you see them, we expect that you won’t quite understand how they are real!

A fabulous walkabout act that will entertain guests of all ages.

Video Samples