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Box 9 Lightline

A drumming troupe that shine a light on your events!


Box 9 is the UK’s premiere drum line. The troupe have performed at numerous events and for some of the biggest companies around. Featuring percussion graduates from London’s most prestigious musical conservatoires they pride themselves on delivering a high-precision, high-impact performance every time.

Box 9 Lightline presents the group in a different format, the perfect choice for an event that is looking for a highly visual show. With LEDs adorning the instruments and the performers, the lights can be fully customised to flicker in time to the music being performed and creates a spectacular show.

A fully mobile and flexible act, Box 9 are more than happy to adapt their performance to suit any event, style or theme. Whether you want the drummers in costume or would prefer a longer show, almost everything is negotiable! The lights add to the atmosphere tremendously and have proven to truly engage audiences around the world.

In addition to the Lightline, Box 9 can also add many other options including ballet performers, circus elements and more. Enquire today to see how Box 9 Lightline can light up your party! 

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