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Bounder & Cad

10 Downing Street absolutely loved them.


Bounder & Cad are a lovable duo who perform a witty set of musical compositions that certainly sound like songs you’ve heard before but featuring vastly different lyrics. Able to perform their very own set that has previously impressed three princesses, two PMs and Tim Henman (yes, the Tim Henman), if you book Bounder & Cad you will also be able to request a bespoke song written just for your event!

The darlings of the London event scene with a regular residency at Brasserie Zédel, Bounder & Cad have also worked with some of the finest establishments in the UK including the BBC, Classic FM and 10 Downing Street (who actually tried to their censor their mischievous lyrics until their jazzy tunes had the PM dancing).

We honestly don’t believe that you will find a better musical comedy duo than Bounder & Cad and heartily recommend them for corporate events, private parties, weddings and more.

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