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A master of wizardry that is sure to impress


Billy is one of the UK’s best close-up magicians. An expert sleight of hand artist, he’s amazed and astounded audiences at countless shows and events across the country with his innovative take on modern magic.

Glasgow-born Billy was first introduced to magic at just 10 years old and has performed magic tricks every single day since. His mission is a simple one – to bring his audiences the sense of wonder that he first experienced as a child. Twenty years on, he has emerged as a sleight of hand master that is sure to impress at your event. Over the years he has been schooled by dozens of master magicians and having studied numerous classic magic texts, he is sure to deliver a magic performance unlike anything you have ever seen. Except gasps, cheers and baffled faces galore as he works to impress at your event.

A member of the world famous Magic Circle, Billy delivers stunning entertainment again and again with his expert performance of close-up magic. From producing cards from nowhere to vanishes in the blink of an eye, he is guaranteed to entertain guests of all ages no matter the event. From corporate functions to wedding parties, birthdays to anniversaries, Billy will astonish every person in the room as he performs his strolling magic. Going table to table or group to group, he will make sure that everybody is a part of the magic.

Utilising razor sharp wit, charm and his hugely impressive skill, Billy offers an unforgettable magic experience – a spellbinding assault on your senses where cards jump before your eyes; coins transpose to impossible locations, objects levitate and minds are read. You’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s all for your entertainment and wonderment! A master magician, Billy is guaranteed to blow you away and can be booked for your event today.

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