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Ben Langley

A traditional variety act delivered with charm and boundless energy


Ben owes much of his performance ability to eighteen years of street performing on the tough cobblestones of Covent Garden.

He performed for two summers in the world famous Cromer Seaside ‘Summer Season’ Special.

He was the support act for Joe Pasquale and top ventriloquist Paul Zerdin for two years.

Ben wrote, performed and directed the critically acclaimed ‘Ha Ha…!’ shows which over the years starred Joe Pasquale, Su Pollard and Cannon and Ball

#TheBenLangleyShow is a regular occurrence on the holiday Park and Thomson Gold fly-out circuit all over the world and has won him a place in the top jobbing variety acts in the country.

Video Samples

‘Ben’s energy is unbounded, the audience warm to him immediately which is a good thing as they inevitably become part of the show. He’s a loveable human dynamo.’

John Thomson

‘Funny, different and quite mad. You’ll love him’

Paul Zerdin, (Americas Got Talent Winner 2015)

‘What a great act. Cabaret, pantomime or support: whatever you stick him in he always comes out a winner.’

Joe Pasquale