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Ballet at the Bar(re)

Traditional dance in an non-traditional way!


Ballet at the Bar(re) is a completely new take on a dance act, allowing the beauty of ballet to be experienced no matter the surroundings; it was quite literally created to be performed at the bar!

An indoor dance piece that incorporates classical ballet with contemporary dance, Ballet at the Bar(re) will be an entertaining spectacle in unusual spaces, that will enhance social experiences with found dance experiences, appealing to a diverse range of people. Ballet at the Bar(re) can be showcased almost anywhere and for those looking for more involvement, audience engagement is certainly a possibility!

Taking place over either a half hour choreographed performance or over an hour with audience interaction, all that is required is a flat floor to ensure that the ballet is as beautiful as possible. Ballet at the Bar(re) is based in Coventry but able to travel all across the UK.

Providing traditional dance in a non-traditional way, this is an act that is sure to impress people of all ages.

Video Samples