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An amazing circus performer that will take your breath away.


Ailona’s act is seductive, bold and exciting; an experience that will leave you breathless. She presents a captivating hula-hoop act that received a nomination for Best Ground Act at the 16th CFA Circus Awards.

Ailona’s upbringing in a circus family gave her the opportunity to master many disciplines and allowed her to develop the flexibility and skills which led to her outstanding hula-hoop act she performs today.

Her attention to detail and commitment to her performance is unmatched. Her incredible flexibility and rhythm make everything she does look effortless and impressive.

From vampire to fairy, Ailona’s act is easily tailored to suit any audience or event be it commercial or corporate in a variety theatre, night club or cruise ship. This professional performance, coupled with her outgoing personality and enticing moves will guarantee that your guests will be amazed!

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